Intro to Web3 for Content Creators

Why does Web3 even matter to me as a content creator?

Do you find yourself asking What exactly is an NFT?

Cryptowho?  NFwhat?

What’s the big deal with web3 anyways?

The Tilt has you covered!  We dove down the web3 rabbit hole for you and put it all in one easy to understand course.  We built this course with content creators in mind. 

content entrepreneurship online course

It includes social token and NFT case studies presented by creators just like you.

Featured Instructors

And introducing brand new business models for using social tokens and NFTs in your content business. 

Some people believe, including us at The Tilt, that there is an incredible opportunity with Web3 business models…one that gives the content creator ownership and the ability to co-create with your community. Sounds amazing, right?

To get there, we need to understand what Web3 is and the opportunities.