We believe that the path to success is attainable through education. Our education program is dedicated to teaching the lonely content creator how to become a content entrepreneur and turn their business into a content empire.


How to Transform your Content into Online Courses

trainer central online courseCalling all content creators and experts seeking to expand their reach and impact! Join our course to gain insights into online teaching and unlock opportunities to share your expertise, foster a community, and generate income. 

In-depth Courses

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Free Mini-Courses

The Content Creator's Essential Guide to Contracts

To make life easier – The Tilt has put together our course The Content Creator’s Essential Guide to Contracts presented by attorney Sharon Toerek of Toerek Law and publisher of Legal + Creative.  This is a one-stop shop for all things contract-related.  Sign-up today to make sure you are covered before signing your next contract! [BONUS: Includes downloadable course materials]

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Book Publishing for the Content Entrepreneur

Looking for another revenue stream to add to your content business?

Look no further.  Lulu.com presents Book Publishing for the Content Entrepreneur.

Whatever content you have, you CAN publish it in just a few simple steps and begin to generate another stream of revenue.

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What Content Creators Need to Know Now to Avoid Legal Trouble

Legal trouble can spell disaster for creators.   We all know that agreements and clauses are necessary evils as content entrepreneurs.  But do you really understand what’s in all the legal mumbo jumbo?

This mini-course provides a great introduction to the terms and concepts that you might see in your next legal document or agreement.

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Web3 in 30 Minutes

The Tilt believes that there is an incredible opportunity with Web3 business models…one that gives the content creator ownership and the ability to co-create with your community. Sounds amazing, right?

To get there, we need to understand what Web3 is and the opportunities.

Join us on a quick and informative journey down the Web3 rabbit hole.

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How to Build an Audience and Add Multiple Revenue Lines in Seven Steps

This course includes Joe’s lesson video, worksheets, explainer videos, and other resources all curated into one FREE mini course.

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